Of Minutiae and Memory is Album of the Week on Q2

Just in time for fall, Jody Redhage's sophomore album comes with a bracing autumnal burst tempered by a soulful warmth that is wholly seductive and charming.

It takes about a full minute before you first hear Redhage sear into her instrument on the opening track, I Dreamed I Was Floating, which starts with an atmospheric ambient sound that carries the listener into a seamless 47 minutes of tracks commissioned and curated by Redhage, representing a cavalcade of bright young composers including Anna Clyne (Paint Box), Missy Mazzoli (A Thousand Tongues), Wil Smith (Static Line) and Derek Muro (Did You See Me Walking?).

As such, there's a Babel-like quality to the sonic language in which Redhage expertly trades. Mazzoli's work curves her cello, like hot metal, around a foundation of pulsating electronics before introducing Redhage's choirboy-like soprano as an ethereal sheen to the earthy, wordless music being created below. Ryan Brown's subsequent, instrumental The Light By Which She May Have Ascended is more statically assertive, bringing the cello itself into Redhage's upper register. Clyne's Paint Box takes the human voice and explores its wordless potential while Muro's closing track is a surreal lullaby that sticks with your ribs much like oatmeal on the first rainy, wet morning of the season.

We're early on in the fall to be sure, but Of Minutiae and Memory is sure to be one of the season's standouts.